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Why America is going to look more like Texas

Texas is growing at a remarkable pace and will have an increasing impact on US politics and economy, leading in both oil and gas and renewables like wind and solar. Texas’ leaders have understood the importance of a pro-business attitude and diversification, although the state needs to invest more i

  • Texas added nearly as many people as Atlanta in the year to June 2022.
  • More than one in three net new jobs created in America since Feb 2020 was in Texas.
  • Texas will have a significant say in national politics with 38 members of Congress and 40 electoral-college votes in 2024.
  • Texas leads not only in oil and gas, but also in renewables such as wind and solar.
  • 60% of Texas’ population is non-white, and America’s demography will increasingly resemble that of Texas.
Why America is going to look more like Texas
Lessons from the surge of the Lone Star State | Leaders