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What Is ‘Cop City’? The Atlanta Police Center Protests, Explained

Protests against the construction of a $90 million police and fire training center in Atlanta have intensified, with opposition citing militarization of the police, corporate funding, environmental protection and urban warfare.

  • Atlanta's plan to build a sprawling police and fire training center has become the focus of intense protest.
  • The $90 million project is being funded by the Atlanta Police Foundation, which receives contributions from many of the area's largest companies.
  • The proposal includes building classrooms, a shooting range, a driving course, pastureland for police horses and a 'mock city for real-world training'.
  • Opponents worry the center's completion would set a dangerous precedent for law enforcement in Atlanta and beyond, emboldening police agencies to adopt more militaristic tactics and weaponry.
  • The site also faces opposition from environmentalists who want to preserve the 1,000-acre stretch of urban woodland.
What Is ‘Cop City’? The Atlanta Police Center Protests, Explained
Atlanta is ready to build a sprawling new police and fire training complex. Opponents argue that it would further militarize officers and destroy precious green space.