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What America can learn from Florida’s boom

Florida has become emblematic of much of America and central to all of it, with a dynamic and diverse demography, a booming economy, and important lessons for the environment and politics.

  • Florida has overtaken New York to become America’s third-most-populous state after California and Texas, with a dynamic and diverse demography.
  • Florida's GDP has doubled since 2002, ranking it as the 15th-largest economy in the world.
  • Florida serves as a case study in economic policy with no income tax and a pro-business attitude.
  • Florida's environment is at risk with a fifth of its property at 'substantial' risk of flooding due to rising sea-levels.
  • Florida's rightward political shift suggests Democrats need to run more optimistic, centrist candidates to appeal to independent voters.
What America can learn from Florida’s boom
It has important lessons for the environment, politics and the economy | Leaders