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Ukraine Is No Distraction From Asia

Ukraine and Taiwan are on the front lines of the global struggle between freedom and tyranny, and the outcome of the war in Ukraine will shape how the U.S. is perceived far beyond the shores of Europe.

  • Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen support Ukraine against Russia's invasion.
  • The fate of Asia is connected to the security of Europe due to the formation of an axis of revisionist power across the Eurasian landmass.
  • The U.S. must identify common threats and lead coalitions against them, relying on partners and allies committed to safeguarding their way of life.
  • Winning the war in Ukraine will instill confidence in the American-built alliance system and encourage partners and allies to support the U.S.
  • If the U.S. loses its nerve in Ukraine, it will invite an even greater calamity in the Taiwan Strait.
Ukraine Is No Distraction From Asia
If you don’t believe me, ask Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s president.