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Ukraine is betting on drones to strike deep into Russia

Ukraine deploys drones to strike deep into Russia as it bets on a breakthrough in drone technology, overcoming long-range strike advantage of Russia.

  • Ukraine is deploying drones in at least five different ways, including as strike drones that can deliver bombs and missiles over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers.
  • The Ukrainian army has completed a big restructuring, establishing 60 new attack-drone squadrons, at least one in every brigade, with separate staff and commanders, in the first reform of its kind anywhere in the world.
  • Ukraine's military doctrine has been updated to include guidelines on drone use, and the defence ministry has created a new board to co-ordinate the work of drone producers.
  • Ukraine is hoping to overturn Russia's long-range strike advantage with drones, as long-range Western munitions like atacms missiles may never come.
  • The success of the attack on February 28th in getting so close to Moscow suggests that Ukraine may be getting close to a solution that works.
Ukraine is betting on drones to strike deep into Russia
With the West dithering about long-range munitions, drones offer an alternative | Europe