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The world according to Xi

Xi Jinping aims to reshape the post-1945 world order, making it safer for the Chinese Communist Party. China's transactional diplomacy and ideological foreign policy contain real perils and appeal around the world.

  • Xi Jinping believes in the decline of the American-led world order and aims to twist it into a more transactional system of deals between great powers.
  • China's foreign policy is systematic and ideological, seeking to reshape the post-1945 world order.
  • China backs ruling elites, however inept or cruel, and its approach may eventually outrage ordinary people around the world.
  • China brokered a detente between two bitter rivals, Iran and Saudi Arabia; it has clout and an incentive to forestall war in the Gulf.
  • China's message that real democracy entails economic development, but does not depend on political liberty, greatly appeals to the elites of non-democratic countries.
The world according to Xi
Even if China’s transactional diplomacy brings some gains, it contains real perils | Leaders