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The ‘Hurtful’ Idea of Scientific Merit

Ideology is pervading science in the West, with scientists judging research by political affiliations rather than merit. The consequences of taking an ideological approach to research are dire.

  • Scientists are judging research by its adherence to progressive orthodoxies, rather than merit.
  • Institutions are less willing to hire and fund scientists based on their ability to propose and conduct exciting projects.
  • The incursion of ideology into science is occurring in the West, where scientists claim scientific truths are subjective.
  • Activists call to 'decolonize' scientific fields and reduce the influence of 'Western science'.
  • Scientific research can't be conducted via a process that gives a low priority to science itself.
The ‘Hurtful’ Idea of Scientific Merit
Ideology now dominates research in the U.S. more pervasively than it did at the Soviet Union’s height.