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The 2023 crony-capitalism index

The 2023 crony-capitalism index reveals that the wealth of crony capitalists has risen to $3tn or nearly 3% of global gdp, with 65% of the increase coming from America, China, India and Russia.

  • Crony capitalists' wealth has risen from $315bn, or 1% of global gdp, 25 years ago to $3trn or nearly 3% of global gdp now.
  • 65% of the increase has come from America, China, India and Russia.
  • Russia is once again the most crony-capitalist country in the index with billionaire wealth from crony sectors amounting to 19% of GDP.
  • America's crony-sector wealth amounts to around 2% of GDP, but reclassifying tech as a crony industry increases it to 6%.
  • The 2023 crony-capitalism index shows that there are 311 billionaires around the world whose riches are believed to derive from rent-seeking industries.
The 2023 crony-capitalism index
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