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Putin freezes out hardliners after Wagner mutiny

Putin shakes up Russia's security services after the failed Wagner insurrection, rewarding loyalists and freezing out sympathetic figures. Hardliners criticized his deal to end the uprising.

  • Putin rewards loyalists and freezes out figures sympathetic to the Wagner group after the failed insurrection.
  • Senior Russian general Sergei Surovikin, known to have a good relationship with Prigozhin, has disappeared.
  • Security forces in Russia have begun targeting sympathizers and oath violators.
  • Putin promotes longtime ally Viktor Zolotov and gives him a larger role in the invasion of Ukraine.
  • Hardliners who criticized Putin's deal to end the Wagner uprising are denied promotions.
Putin freezes out hardliners after Wagner mutiny
Russian president’s security forces ‘have started shaking down sympathisers’ of exiled warlord