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Legal action may change transgender care in America

Legal action is being taken to change transgender care in America, with a lawsuit filed against Kaiser Permanente. Detransitioners are taking their doctors to court, and some American politicians are putting protections in place for the treatment.

  • Governors in six Republican states have signed bills that restrict or ban transgender medical care.
  • In response, some of these states are being sued and governors in several Democratic states are putting protections in place.
  • Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old detransitioner, is suing Kaiser Permanente for medical negligence.
  • Two recent studies suggest 20-30% of patients may discontinue hormone treatment within a few years.
  • Proponents of adolescent medical transition say detransition is very rare.
Legal action may change transgender care in America
Some detransitioners are starting to take their doctors to court | United States