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Journalist Bari Weiss: ‘I hate bullies, period’

Bari Weiss, former NY Times journalist, discusses her new digital venture, The Free Press, and her principles of journalism. She also talks about her controversial pro-Israel stance and the recent 'Twitter Files' release

  • Bari Weiss is a high-profile journalist who quit her job at The New York Times to set up her own digital venture, The Free Press.
  • Weiss hopes to return to basic principles of journalism, such as honesty, doggedness, and integrity.
  • Weiss is a classical liberal and a Zionist, and has been criticised for her pro-Israel stance.
  • She recently released the 'Twitter Files', a series of bombshell revelations about the social media platform's left-leaning bias and its relationship with powerful institutions.
  • Weiss's digital venture has over 330k subscribers, with about 50k paying subscribers, and brings in over $3mn annually.
Journalist Bari Weiss: ‘I hate bullies, period’
The former New York Times columnist on free speech, Elon Musk’s Twitter Files and moving on from the culture wars