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How European entrepreneurs can live the American dream

Europe's social model designed for happiness, not GDP, is creating its own land of opportunity, as entrepreneurs flourish in their own patchy way, according to FT-backed site Sifted. Sweden leads the way in entrepreneurial dynamism and societal happiness, with free education and healthcare, leaving

  • Europe's share of top 100 most valuable companies has fallen from 38 to 18 this century.
  • US-style 'permissionless innovation' is more adaptable to disruptive technological change than Europe's regulation-heavy 'upstream governance'.
  • Europe's social model is optimised for eudaimonia, the ancient Greek concept of happiness.
  • Early stage European start-ups attracted 31% of total global investment compared with 33% in the US.
  • Sweden has one of the highest rates of social mobility in the world and has created more tech unicorns per head than almost any other country.
How European entrepreneurs can live the American dream
The social model designed to maximise happiness, not GDP, creates its own land of opportunity