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Exxon Goes Lean With End of ‘God Pod’ Era

Exxon Mobil's top executives are moving from their palatial 'God Pod' to a more modest C-suite in Houston, as part of the company's cost-cutting efforts and cultural shift towards more collaborative workplaces.

  • Exxon Mobil's top executives will move to a C-suite at a new campus outside Houston this summer.
  • The new office will be more modest and economical, with modern aesthetics and ample open space.
  • The move is part of Exxon's efforts to cut costs and become leaner.
  • Exxon's highest-ranking officials will share a campus with a major portion of the company's U.S. employees.
  • The God Pod executive suite will be replaced by more-open executive offices to encourage collaboration.
Exxon Goes Lean With End of ‘God Pod’ Era
Top executives to inhabit simpler office suite near Houston after move from Dallas area