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Democrats Discover the Age Issue

Democrats belatedly acknowledge the relevance of old age in politics following Dianne Feinstein's illness, will they rethink renominating Joe Biden?

  • Democrats are belatedly acknowledging the relevance of old age in politics, following Dianne Feinstein's illness and absence from the Judiciary Committee.
  • Feinstein's delay in returning to Washington has left the committee deadlocked, unable to greenlight Mr. Biden's nominees.
  • Ro Khanna and Dean Phillips have called for Feinstein's resignation, citing the need to put 'country ahead of personal loyalty'.
  • Democrats must consider Joe Biden's age and competency, as his decline is becoming impossible to ignore.
  • The party establishment remains loath to entertain a 2024 primary fight despite the potential for problems for the party.
Democrats Discover the Age Issue
They belatedly admit Dianne Feinstein is too old to serve. What about Joe Biden?