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Could a Third Party Finally Do It?

Despite a history of dashed expectations, interest in third-party and independent presidential runs is growing in the US due to disillusionment with the major parties, rising cynicism towards political institutions, and the absence of a strong political center.

  • Recent history of independent and third-party presidential runs in the US has been marked by high hopes and dashed expectations.
  • Disillusionment with the two major parties and their front-runners is fueling interest in a third-party or independent run.
  • Unpopular front-runners and rising cynicism towards political institutions are contributing factors.
  • The absence of a strong political center and increasing ideological polarization are creating an opening for a third-party.
  • New fundraising opportunities through social media and online donations are weakening the hold of traditional parties.
Could a Third Party Finally Do It?
Many Americans dread the prospect of a 2020 presidential rematch and want an alternative, but complications abound