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Can Adidas ever catch up with Nike?

Adidas, once a challenger of Nike, is now falling behind with stagnant revenues and quarterly operating losses. New CEO Bjorn Gulden plans to invest in the Adidas brand and cut dividends.

  • A few years ago, Adidas appeared to be challenging Nike for the title of the world's biggest sportswear maker.
  • However, today Adidas is falling further behind Nike, with quarterly operating losses and stagnant revenues.
  • Adidas's market value is now one-seventh that of Nike.
  • Adidas's smaller domestic rival, Puma, is gaining investor confidence.
  • Adidas's new CEO, Bjorn Gulden, plans to cut the dividend, reduce discounts on unsold kit, mend relations with retailers, and invest more in products and the Adidas brand.
Can Adidas ever catch up with Nike?
The German firm’s new boss has his work cut out | Business