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California May Bill You for Slavery

California's panel has recommended reparations of up to $1.2 million per person for descendants of slaves, as well as leftwing policies including rent control and single-payer health care, but the plan faces legal challenges and arbitrary distinctions.

  • California plans to redistribute hundreds of billions in reparations to black Americans who claim to be descendants of slaves, according to a recommendation by a nine-member committee created by Governor Gavin Newsom.
  • The committee claims the state government was complicit in the enslavement of blacks in southern states and that blacks are still suffering the lingering effects of slavery and overpolicing.
  • Payments of up to $1.2 million per person and $800 billion overall could be made to as many as two million black Californians.
  • The panel also recommends leftwing policies including rent control, free college, a guaranteed income for slavery descendants, and single-payer health care.
  • The Constitution’s equal protection clause prohibits government policies that discriminate based on broad racial classifications, but narrowly tailored policies to remedy past discrimination have been upheld by federal courts.
California May Bill You for Slavery
Gov. Newsom’s panel recommends $800 billion in ‘reparations.’