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Big Tech races to adapt to AI

Big Tech giants are racing to adapt to AI disruption. Meta and Microsoft have different strategies to leverage AI for advertising, user experience, and productivity.

  • AI is disrupting the processes, products and business models of today’s tech giants.
  • Meta announced its biggest single tech investment is now AI, as it boosts productivity, engineers' speed and advertising, and improves user experience.
  • Microsoft is pushing new AI features into widely used software applications like Word and Excel, enabling generative AI tools, natural language commands, and software "agents" to find relevant material.
  • Generative AI is becoming a must-have for tech companies, but it remains to be seen which promises will pan out and which are empty hype.
  • Microsoft has bet on supposedly transformative new computing interfaces before, but it remains to be seen whether this time will be different.
Big Tech races to adapt to AI
Computing platform shifts usually leave some industry leaders out in the cold