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Amazon’s Project ‘Ratatouille’ Aims to Boost French Image

Amazon launches 'Ratatouille' project to improve its public image in France, including local ads, promotion of French-made products and studies on the economic impact of its warehouses.

  • Amazon has launched a PR project called 'Ratatouille' to improve its image in France.
  • The project includes local ads, the promotion of French-made products sold on Amazon, and studies that show the positive economic impact of Amazon's warehouses.
  • The project was inspired by the popular Disney film and aims to 'Frenchify' Amazon.
  • Amazon Prime Video secured the broadcast rights to most of France's football competition, which helped Amazon's image.
  • Amazon has invested over €16 billion in France since 2010 and has 20,000 employees in the country.
Amazon’s Project ‘Ratatouille’ Aims to Boost French Image Inc. has cooked up a public-relations project called “Ratatouille” to boost its image in France, where the company isn’t as popular as in other European markets.